Ustinov Jewelers was founded in 1976 by Bill and Linda Ustinovich. Bill Sr. and Linda, while raising their family, started Ustinov Jewelers because they “thoroughly enjoyed the jewelry business,” and that passion drove the business for almost three decades. In 2006, Bill and Linda retired and sold Ustinov Jewelers to their two sons, Bill and Randy Ustinovich. Ustinov Diamond Jewelers has been long known for its custom shop, where jewelry is repaired and one-of-a-kind fashions are created. The business has always been a family affair as Bill Sr. started teaching his sons how to size rings and set stones before they were old enough to shave. “He couldn't teach us everything, but we were learning to do the basics. Kind of an apprentice course,” Bill said, “because you know we were always there.”

Bill and Randy have carried on the tradition of treating customers like family. Bill said, “A lot of people like the personal touch and customer service we offer. If you have a problem, you come in and see the owner.” Ustinov is truly the family jeweler you can trust.

Please visit us at 17 Faunce Corner Rd. North Dartmouth, Massachusetts and experience the difference that a family owned and operated jewelry store can make in your shopping experience.